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Bonjour! My name is Melissa and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer in the Pacific Northwest. This blog is where I want to tell you the beautiful stories of my clients, share their weddings, and give you a behind the scenes peek of this crazy business that I love. Grab a glass of champagne, snuggle up, and get lost in love stories... xoxo

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My Own Love Story: Part One

Filed in: Personal

Since I’m a collector of love stories, I thought I would share a small piece of mine:

I just wanted to get my feet wet dating after ending my marriage. I had no desire to date anyone seriously or be in a relationship, but sometimes the universe thinks it knows better.

 I met “Jon” on an online dating app, and he swept me off my feet with his witty banter, smart mouth, and love for NYC. Our messaging only lasted a cool 24 hours before we decided we wanted to meet each other the next day. We met on a Monday mid-day in a downtown Seattle bar. I walked in and he was leaning against the doorway waiting for me. 

As his eyes met mine, my jaw almost fell to the floor. 

While I thought he was handsome in his dating profile pictures, the man that stood before me made my heart stop in it’s tracks. We sat at a table next to the windows and I couldn’t tell if the heat in my face was the giddiness of the law of attraction or the warm spring air shining in through the glass. 

And then, in the matter of minutes, it all came crashing down for me. The first thing out of his mouth was “I have to tell you, because of my job, I don’t use my real name online. It’s not Jon.”

“…it’s Brian.”

I’m sorry, come again?

BRIAN?!? The name of the man who I just ended my marriage with?! And just like that, I had decided in my head that this guy was going to have be some sort of magical wizard to get me on a second date with him. 

Oh my friends, turns out he is pretty dang magical. I never stopped laughing our entire date. It was like we couldn’t get our words out fast enough because we both were so excited to learn more about each other. The joy that radiated from this human was contagious. The two hours of our time together was over before I wanted it to be. He hugged me goodbye and dammit, like it or not, I was smitten.

All of a sudden, this whole name thing didn’t seem like such a big deal after all. Granted, it took a bit for everyone else in my life to adjust and he was known as “Lunch Date Guy” for quite awhile. It was the beginning of one of the best stories I’ll ever get to tell.

LDG, you still make my heart stop in it’s tracks. 

photo cred: Christina Zen Photography

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