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Bonjour! My name is Melissa and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer in the Pacific Northwest. This blog is where I want to tell you the beautiful stories of my clients, share their weddings, and give you a behind the scenes peek of this crazy business that I love. Grab a glass of champagne, snuggle up, and get lost in love stories... xoxo

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Janet + Greg: A Lake Chelan Wedding

Filed in: Wedding

Janet and Greg’s story is one of my favorites of all time. In 2015 I photographed Andrea and Bryan’s wedding and I met Janet as she was a bridesmaid. I quickly fell in love with her personality and we had a lot of fun that day. A few weeks after the wedding Janet sent me a message over instagram and told me she had met a guy at Andrea’s bachelorette party weekend in Lake Chelan, and she just knew he was the man of her dreams. They were dating long distance, but she just knew she would marry him. She asked me to reserve a wedding date for her, even though they weren’t even engaged. I laughed and told her I would do my best. But she just knew. And what do you know, four months later, Janet messaged me with a photo of the two of them, the biggest smiles on their faces, and a beautiful ring on her hand.
Where else do you get married, but the place where it all begin. Janet and Greg chose Greg’s hometown of Lake Chelan and friends and family came from far and wide to celebrate a love story that was set in the stars. It’s one of my favorite things ever to meet the village that surrounds a couple. And this village was FUN. Janet and Greg were surrounded by so much laughter and love through the entire day. It was perfectly beautiful.
Janet and Greg, my goodness. Thank you for all the love you have shown me over the years. Thank you for being so enthusiastic and passionate about each other. Shoot, thanks for inviting me to come out dancing with you after the wedding. It’s still one of my favorite memories of all time. Being a part your story from the very beginning means the world and I truly treasure it. xoxo, Melissa

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Dream Team
Planner: Jessica Bredow
Venue: Harmony Meadows
Catering: Herban Feast – BJ Duft
Photographer: Melissa Kilner Photography
Florist: Herban Bloom – Rebecca Dashow
DJ: Tony Schwartz
Cake: Lisa Robinson
Hair: Hillary Uhler-Powell PureArtist 
Makeup: Krystal Kreitzmann
Gown: The Dress Theory Nicole Miller – Hampton Lace
Tuxedos: Generation Tux
Bridesmaid Gowns: Social Bridesmaids – Nu-Georgette
2nd Photographer: Rachel Solomon Photography

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