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Bonjour! My name is Melissa and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer in the Pacific Northwest. This blog is where I want to tell you the beautiful stories of my clients, share their weddings, and give you a behind the scenes peek of this crazy business that I love. Grab a glass of champagne, snuggle up, and get lost in love stories... xoxo

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Jessie + Steve: Married {Genesis Farm and Gardens, Enumclaw WA}

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I’ve sat at my computer contemplating the words to describe Jessie and Steve’s wedding day and I have struggled. As beautiful as their event was to the eye, it wasn’t about the flowers, the dress, the table settings. It was about the people. It was about a rich history of two families who have spent many many years celebrating life together. Many summers of parties and memories with cousins and friends, where two people fell in love. And now, they have come together once more, on a beautiful summer day to bring these two people together forever. There was a warm feeling in the air, one of pure contentment and joy. The entire day was full of laughter and fun including a night of dancing and catching up with old friends. A bridal party packed full of siblings, cousins, and long-time buddies. And the way Jessie and Steve beamed with happiness every time their eyes met. It was like getting married was the easiest choice they ever made, because it was right. It was effortless. It was truly beautiful. I will never forget Jessie’s Dad’s speech during dinner. The tears quietly trickled down his face and we all cried with him as he spoke of his love for his daughter and his happiness for her and Steve’s marriage. He was so proud of her. It just took my breath away. And in that moment I said a quiet prayer that my own children would some day experience this kind of happiness. A kind of happiness that family brings you. And not just blood-family, but people who have become family over the years through laughter and sweet memories. Jessie and Steve, I am so incredibly happy for you and I know your future together will be so bright. You have touched my heart and I am honored to have gotten to know you through this incredible day. “Congratulations” doesn’t even cover it.2014-11-05_00012014-11-05_00022014-11-05_00032014-11-05_00042014-11-05_00052014-11-05_00062014-11-05_00072014-11-05_00502014-11-05_00082014-11-05_00512014-11-05_00092014-11-05_00102014-11-05_00112014-11-05_00122014-11-05_00132014-11-05_00142014-11-05_00152014-11-05_00162014-11-05_00172014-11-05_00182014-11-05_00192014-11-05_00202014-11-05_00212014-11-05_00222014-11-05_00232014-11-05_0024


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  1. Heidi Mohn

    November 6th, 2014 at 1:52 am

    Fascinating to see these moments in time captured with so much emotion. I watched you throughout the evening as you took some of these photos, several I knew would be my favorites, and they are. What an artist. Your embracing the history and the families has no doubt played a powerful role in expressing this love affair & so many unforgettable moments thru the lens Truly BRILLIANT!

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