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Bonjour! My name is Melissa and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer in the Pacific Northwest. This blog is where I want to tell you the beautiful stories of my clients, share their weddings, and give you a behind the scenes peek of this crazy business that I love. Grab a glass of champagne, snuggle up, and get lost in love stories... xoxo

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Wedding Sparkler Exit Education

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Sometimes, you just learn some awesome stuff and you HAVE to share it with the world!! Recently I was at a wedding and my bride wanted to play with sparklers along with leaving her reception lit by sparklers. I hadn’t worked with sparklers before, and I let her know that in the moment, but told her I would do my best with the knowledge that I had. The images were fine, but I definitely came home knowing that I needed to do some homework. I reached out to my colleagues for help, and my friend Matt Kennedy (who is the MASTER of sparkler photos) let me know he actually offered an online sparkler workshop. LET ME TELL YOU, I sat and listened to his workshop as I worked and my brain about exploded with awesome information. My wedding the following weekend also had a sparkler exit and I felt totally prepared. SERIOUSLY good info. If you photographers out there are looking for help with sparklers, check out Matt’s workshop!!!


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